Gary Garcia - Owner and Personal Trainer

From Denver, CO

- 2004 Twin Lab Colorado State Bodybuilding Masters 1st Place

- 2005 Rocky Mountain Body Building Masters 2nd Place

- 2007 Shawn Ray Colorado PRO/AM Masters 1st Place

- 2008 Mr. Colorado Masters 1st Place

- 2008 Pittsburg Nationals Masters 8th Place

Matthew Borcicky - CrossFit Trainer

From Mobile, AL


- Auburn Wrestling Team

- Former Kickboxer

- CrossFit Level 1 Certification

- CrossFit Mobility Certification

- CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification

- Volunteer Bon Secure Firefighter

Berlyn Wedgeworth - Olympic Lifter Trainer

From Gulf Shores, AL

- American Championship in Savannah, GA 1st Place

- Shreveport, LA Nationals Lifting 1st Place

- World Masters Olympic Championship Lifting 2nd Place

- Masters National Olympic Championship Savannah, GA 1st Place

Annice Dean - CrossFit Trainer, Certified Gymnastics Coach, Certified Competitive Cheer

From Gulf Shores, AL

“October 2012 I found myself in a very bad place physically and mentally. I was 255lbs at 5”2’, on height blood pressure medicine along with a whole slew of others. My cholesterol was through the roof and I was watching life go by and felt completely stuck with no idea how to fix myself or if it was even possible. A friend introduced me to CrossFit that same month and I was hooked! Over the past few years I have been able to lose over 100lbs along with getting off all medications. CrossFit along with proper diet and nutrition, has helped me regain my health, life, confidence, and happiness. I have found a passion for life again and helping others learn that it is possible. –Annice”

Brandy Gass - CrossFit Trainer

From Atlanta, GA

- CrossFit Level 1 Certification

- CPR & AED Certified

- Former College Basketball Player

- Former High School Varsity Cross Country, Basketball, & Soccer Coach

- CrossFit Competitor & Judge

“In October 2014, I moved to the area seeking changes in my life. I was really out of shape and overweight and was not happy with myself. In February of 2015, my friend told me about CrossFit. I was curious so I gave it try and have never looked back. I lost 55lbs of fat, have gained tremendous strength and have mental clarity. I also improve my health status and I have found a gym that is like a family environment. Everyone at the gym is helpful, friendly, and safe. – Brandy”